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Instructions to order. When ordering quantity corresponds to the number of letters needed. Follow the drop-down windows and push bottoms for a better result. Face Lit Channel letters block...
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Instructions to order. When ordering quantity corresponds to the number of letters needed. Follow the drop-down windows and push bottoms for a better result. Face Lit Channel letters block script is the based price, cursive or serif fonts are 10-15% more. Notice that the dropdown windows are designed accordingly. Front face lit letter is also known as standard channel letters face lit Internally illuminated using LED for outdoor and indoors; available, as shown in the dropdown menu, custom painted color or coil color clear quoted at 5" deep, and the choice of led lighting in white, or RGB. Letter color to be selected from any Pantone color chart. All are priced in a simple way: by the height in inches; except for logos which are custom priced depending on the complexity of the work at hand. The minimum order is 3 letters and a height of 8". Installation patterns and power supply are included. 

Here is HOW TO ORDER individual letters:

  • Select the height of the tallest letter (typically “C, G, O, S” will be the tallest one).
  • Under Quantity enter the number of letters. ** Periods, commas, and hyphens may not be illuminated and if it is only 1 will not be counted. After 2 they will be counted as a single letter. 
  • Face colors are limited to the generic vinyl film used from the following color chart: https://www.orafol.com/en/americas/products/oracal-8500-translucent-cal

**Make sure you add the exact color under notes and comments. When selecting the colors please select the display options under natural light (daytime) or under backlit conditions (illuminated at night).

  • For the returns (side-depth) color section please click the following link and download the pdf color or chart or browse the color convertor from RGB, CMYK, or Pantone to the actual paint. Please keep in mind that paint colors are not an exact match to the digital screen or a color chart. Slight variations may occur. Here is the link: http://color.matthewspaint.tools/
  • Installation may be available in your area. Let us know if you wish for referrals or a direct quote

All are manufactured in the USA with U.L. seals at a very affordable price. These signs are most commonly used for lobbies, malls & storefronts. These signs are a great way to identify your business when you have predominant pedestrian traffic: an excellent choice for malls, esplanades, boulevards, etcetera… It comes along with the electrical plans and the installation instructions. 


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