Individual letters non-illuminated block script for outdoor and indoors; are available in an infinity types of materials the most common are: aluminum hollow fully welded 1" depth, solid acrylic 1/2" & 1" thick, and PVC 1/2" and 1" thick. Most of them can be custom painted color or aluminum brush color clear quoted. Letter color to be selected from any Pantone color chart. All are priced in a simple way: by the height in inches; except for logos which are custom priced depending on the complexity of the work at hand. For color selection, we follow the following color charts (click on the link for color selection) and write us or call us. The minimum order is 3 letters and a height of 4". Installation patterns and power supply are included.  All are manufactured in the USA with U.L. seals at a very affordable price. These signs are most commonly used for lobbies, malls & storefronts. These signs are a great way to identify your business when you have predominant pedestrian traffic: an excellent choice for malls, esplanades, boulevards, etcetera… 

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